Rainy Day Open House

Rainy Day Open House

As much as we’d like to have picture-perfect weather on Open House day, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. If rain is in the forecast, then you may be tempted to reschedule your Open House for another day. But don’t throw in the towel so fast. There will always be people on the hunt for their next home, and a little bad weather won’t deter many of them. In fact, you can bet that those who do show up are serious buyers and not just there to browse. Here’s what you should do to have a successful rainy day open house.

Prepare for umbrellas

If it’s raining outside, then you should be prepared to deal with wet umbrellas. Park a basket outside your door if you have a covered patio or just inside the door if you don’t. Then buyers can leave their wet umbrellas at the door so they don’t get water everywhere inside the house. In addition, if you’d like buyers to see your outdoor area, then have a few extra umbrellas on hand. That way, they can grab one of your umbrellas and have a look around outside without getting too wet.

Have plenty of mats and rugs

You don’t want anyone getting your perfectly clean floors dirty, so be sure to have some mats and rugs on hand. Station one outside and one inside the front door so that people can wipe their feet before they enter. You might even consider asking visitors to remove their shoes before touring the house. Another option is to provide disposable shoe covers in case some people are not comfortable removing their shoes. You can also place mats along all the walkways in the house to keep dirt to a minimum. This shows buyers that you care about the cleanliness of the house and that they can expect the house to be clean when they move in.

Keep the lights on

Rainy days can be deceptively dark, even in the middle of summer. Don’t be afraid to turn on all the lights inside. This will make the house feel cozy and inviting, which is especially important if it’s dark and wet outside. You should turn on all the outdoor lights as well.

Cheer it up

In addition to keeping all the lights on, you can fill your home with fresh flowers. On a rainy day, fresh flowers are a welcome touch and make your home feel cheerful. Limit the flowers to one or two big vases, which will have much more visual impact than several small vases. If possible, buy flowers that have a light fragrance, especially if the rain brings with it a musty smell.

When to call it off

If the forecast calls for more than just a little rain, then it might be time to call off the open house. You should consider rescheduling if dangerous weather is predicted, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, or if flooding is possible. You don’t want to find out during the open house that your basement floods when there is excessive rain, or that water pools in a low spot in the yard. When in doubt, postpone your home showing for a better day.

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